Mechanical engineering technology

History of Ford’s first car The very first automobile that was powered by an internal combustion engine was invented and its design conceptualized in Germany during the 1880s. In the year 1903, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor company and began an era of United States leadership within the automobile industry the lasted for quite […]

Cracking Passwords

Introduction A password is made of characters that are meant for user identification to gain access to a resource. It is used to prove the identity of a person that distinguishes one from others. The evidence is the accessible group of facts that show a belief is valid. Recovery is the act of trying to […]

Simple way to be a good student

Are you a good student? Are you the ideal role model? Are you using your time wisely? Let`s find out as you read along. To start with I`m going to give you a few tips on achieving the goals that seem impossible. They are: 1.Organisation You`ll come to see that organisation is a major element […]

Automotive essay

Automotive industry analysis PART B: ESSAY Introduction Industries similar to businesses are started with a motive of making profits. Profitability of the Firm is an essential element in determining the success and future investments in the industry. In particular, automotive industries are the major world economic drivers as they are linked directly or indirectly to […]

Most environmentally friendly companies

Evaluate the statement “Green business is good business” from the perspective of what the Operations function can contribute to your selected organisation environmental performance. Consider in your response, whether you can justify a relationship between ‘being green’ and ‘being lean’? Why going green is good for business The statement “Green business is good business” is […]

Closely relations between education and culture

Culture has been proven to be one of the cores of society and a crucial characteristic of humanity itself. Culture is the rules, customs and norms humans abide to that are dictated by a particular society, which are acquired behaviors as opposed to innate ones. If we consider that each culture moves within a framework […]

Automotive industry research

UK automotive industry report Describe the key strategic issues that UK carmakers have faced since the global financial crisis, including current quality & environmental scandals that have hit some of the major car manufacturers (e.g. Toyota, Volkswagen). In your response, consider the implications of these issues on the competitive performance of your selected carmaker. The […]

Request for Proposals

Part Two: Request for Proposals (RFP) For: the supply of computer software and equipment RFP ID # 245652225/ December 15, 2016 Submission deadline: /December 15, 2016/17:25Hrs Bidders Meeting Wednesday/26 Deadline for final submission of questions: Thursday/ 30/ 17:30Hrs Introduction  Purpose Booming for Waters, Inc seeks to outsource the services of a software developer by contacting […]

Connection between culture and education

The culture of a society influences many aspects of its occupants, one key aspect being the education of its future generations. This is true all over the world, however, the needs of the society differs. If the culture of a society is chiefly materialistic, the education system is generally based on competition and the efforts […]

Information System Concept

A Key Concept of Information System An information system is an interrelated component that collects stores, manipulates and distributes information in addition to the provision of feedback mechanisms. It comprises of hardware, software, database, procedures and the network that ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Information systems have become a critical component in organizational operations. When […]