Social media influence on job market

Top social media sites for business Social media has been recently associated with various effects on the job sector. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn have been used by both employers and job-seekers to communicate the available opportunities in the market. Also, different companies have made it easier for […]

Sales Techniques and Metrics

How to organize a sales team The organization needs to outline a strategic plan that will organize the sales team. The plan for organizing the sales team will involve a number of steps. The first step in the plan involves recruiting the right talent into the sales team. It is important for an organization to […]

Digital Forensic Science

USB flash drive Science in itself is amazing. It has grown to greater aspects in a quick span of time. This is also the case with forensic science. In a company like Triton Corporation, many technological bits are accessible to employees. As the forensic manager, if I happen to learn of a case of wrong […]

Business Ethics

A. Corporate policies 1. Equal opportunity: Principles of ethical backgrounds should be observed by all employees to ensure that goal-oriented employee culture.  2. Legal issues: employee related standards that include wages, fair treatment and safety should be observed according to the set government averages. 3. Products: Techfite holds the right to provide environmental and ethically […]

The Professional Short Term Goals Essay Examples

What are short term professional goals Almost every person has a career he/she wants to pursue. Every journey begins with a single step; you just don’t find yourself at the top of your career. There is a path which is followed to achieve the objectives that you have laid down for the future. Sometimes the […]

Economics Of Minimum Wage Essay Sample

Minimum wage economics definition From a personal point of view, minimum wage is the least salary paid by employees to their workers based on hourly, daily or month durations.  In other words, it entails the least amount resulting from offering professional services to a business or firm. Prior the introduction of minimum wage bill in […]

Software evolution

Introduction Software engineering is arguably the most sophisticated invention that human beings have made in the modern times. There are many studies done on this field in an effort to improve the knowledge of computers and informatics for the betterment of business and the general global community. The following are two of those studies, their […]

Gantt Chart Example

Sample Gantt Chart Building a Computer Lab Building a Computer Lab                             Time in Months Team Members Work Breakdown Structure                                             […]

Best and worst bosses

Describe your working relationship I have gone for many internship programs on hospitality management during holiday breaks and have interacted with the best and the worse bosses in my experience. In one hotel where I used to work, I had an excellent manager. The reason they are my best boss is that I always associated […]

Open Source Licensing

An open source license is a license or accreditation that allows software to be freely shared, modified, distributed, and used. The Open Source Initiative (OSI) approves such licenses (St. Laurent, 2004). All licenses must go through the license review process of the OSI. Open source licenses allow end users to share, modify, or use the […]