Cultural Issues

a) Cultural Profiles VariableCulture Americans Germans Japanese Environment Control: assigning of responsibilities and performance standards Control: Implementation of schedule before leaving the meeting Harmony: consultation amongst the group in order to reach a decision Time Single focus, fixed and present: focus on one issue at a time, have fixed time for the agendas of the […]

Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus

The author of the article is arguing that sexual intercourse in another major transmission of Zika virus. Through it, the virus is rapidly transmitted from one gender to another. With this new development, women are at high risk of being infected as compared to men. The author, therefore, classified gender disparity and age-factor as a […]

Race and Class in Latin America

As a land of great diversity Latin America, it is full of contradictions but has a lot of promises. The reflection of its diversity is not only in the landscape of social, economical and a political culture but also on its people. The status began with the exploration of Columbus in1942. Ethnicity and race were […]

Farmer V Brennan

Facts of the case The petitioner who is transgender was being confined together with other male inmates after being transferred to a prison in Indiana. Sometimes she was limited to the general population and at other times segregated. As a result of being transferred to the second prison, the petitioner alleged that she was beaten, […]

Liberalization of Myanmar Economy

Myanmar has been under military rule for five decades spanning from 1962-2011. This period was characterized by nationalization of corporations and centralization of operations (Scott, J. 2015). Companies from other nations feared entry into the market as they would risk being nationalized. This period saw trade embargoes imposed and financial aid being halted. World’s super […]

Assessing Moral Values

Introduction   Every society has a set of moral codes and standards that spell whether an individual acts in an immoral or appropriate way. I have always observed the variations in ethical codes across different societies, and such exposure is attributable to my relativistic outlook. It is per Timmons (2012) suggestion that truthfulness or falseness […]

Creditor Rights in Sovereign Debt Markets

Globally, governments are increasingly defaulting on their debt obligations with the most recent example being Argentina, Greece, Russia and a host of East Asian economies. The situation has elicited mixed reactions in international markets and bilateral institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which have proposed aggregate collective action clauses that […]

Gone Baby Gone

Kant’s philosophy holds that “Categorical Imperative” is the fundamental principle of morality. The philosophy provides that Categorical Imperative is a rational, objective and unconditional code that humans must keep on following despite the recurrent contrary inclinations and natural desires (Velkley 51). Thus, Kant argues that this philosophy justifies all the particular moral requirements and therefore […]

The Modern Family, Season Three Episode 2

A while back, church members were told, “Gay people got a right to be as miserable as everybody else.” A stereotype is a social psychology concept that underlies the grouping or generalized assumption about specific people or their way of doing things. While these thoughts or generalized assumption may hold true, some assumptions may not […]

Meaning of Happiness

   Happiness refers to the state of excitement and contentment by a person and is usually accompanied by positive feelings such as laughter. Many people confuse pleasure for happiness although pleasure is a short-term feeling and mostly revolves physical fulfillment while happiness is a long term feeling. Happiness is more of an inner feeling and […]