A disease is a disorder

Introduction            A disease is a disorder in a human being that produces symptoms and affects some parts of their body. Diseases can be of microbial origin or non-microbial origin. Pathogens are the microbes that cause illnesses. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi cause microbial ailments while nervous system disorders, chemicals, traumatic […]

Evaluation of Epidemiological Problem-Diabetes

Background and Significance Diabetes is a significant health challenge that has attracted epidemic alerts all over the world. Diabetes is one of the cardiovascular diseases that have collectively claimed the lives of an estimated 18 million patients per annum globally and has no cure yet. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention score card defines […]

Psychological Report for MM

MM was referred for the psycho-educational evaluation by his adoptive mother due to the history of developmental delays. Furthermore, MM had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperacticity disorder (ADHD).  Measures Administered Axis II diagnosis of intellectual disability  CBCL  TAT  Clinical Interview  Behavioural Observation Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) Psychological Report for MM […]

Relationship between Therapist and Client

Sociology a) Dual Relationships A dual relationship is a scenario whereby multiple relationships exist between the therapist and client. In some instances, it’s interchangeably referred to as multiple relationships.; Typical examples include where a client is also a friend, employee, business partner or family member of the therapist. The therapist in some way has a […]

Deaf Events

Deaf community events Deaf events get noted as those events whose attendance get mostly constituted by the people with hearing impairments of various degree. These individuals represent persons who share similar language when communicating. In most circumstances, the primary language gets noted as that of signs. Therefore, the paper gets founded on attending a deaf […]

Ethical Dilemma Essay

Ethical dilemmas examples One of the dilemmas that is presented in the book is the issue of consenting to the medical services during the different visits. Lia, who was the daughter of Lee, was diagnosed with epilepsy and described at a tender age and the diagnosing physician mentioned that she was the youngest patient that […]

Effects of Childhood Obesity in America

Introduction  The standard definition of obesity has been changing with time. It has been described by percent of ideal body weight; triceps skin folds, absolute weight, and weight-for-height percentiles. Today obesity is being defined by the aspect of body mass index (BMI). Despite the fact that these measures reflect marginally extraordinary parts of body arrangement […]

Community Health Assessment

Introduction Diabetes is a health problem that affects a significant number of people in the US; however, its prevalence rate among African-Americans tends to be high compared to the whites due to a variety of reasons outlined in the research. Additionally, diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and accounts for the rise in mortality […]

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease which where there is uncontrollable and compulsive drug use despite the negative impact and changes that it can cause to a brain. The researches in drugs whether curative, painkillers and those highly abused, is done on animals and not on humans beings directly. Animals in drug research are used as […]

Nursing Home Essay

Performance Appraisal According to Bernardin and Wiatrowski (2013), a performance appraisal is a regular and systematic process that assesses the productivity or the performance of an employee. The assessment bases on the productivity of an individual about certain objectives or pre-established criteria. Other aspects of an employee such as the behavior of the individual as […]